Friday, July 13, 2007

Why a homebased buisness you might ask?

Well, Why not! My name is Gabriel and I have been searching for the right MLM biz, until I found one right for me See, I'm a person that wants to break the chain "work for a paycheck ". My great grandfather worked for a paycheck, my grandfather worked for his, my dad works for his paycheck. There is nothing wrong with this, but wait... this is where things go my way. I don't want to work for a paycheck. I want to work for myself and my money. Did you see that I just broke the chain? Working for myself, setting my own hours, and getting more than a paycheck is my freedom. This is where I'm different. Now after trying different multi-level marketing companies, I have found the right MLM that has help me reach my goals and dreams.

Skeptical about it? Don't worry... its OK. Working for yourself, having no faith, and not believing in ones self is probably the biggest fear of every single person when they want to venture on their own. Always have this on mind: "WINNERS MAKE THINGS HAPPEN, LOSERS LET THEM HAPPEN" (unknown Author). Interesting??

I have tried several multi-level marketing companies and the reason why many people fail is the lack of up-line support . If we have a very strong up-line, and that up-line supports you, helps you, and teaches you, we will guaranteed 100% success. But, of course you have to be teachable. If we have a strong foundation your business will be strong and steady just like the house you live in right now. I understand that MLM is not for everybody but it is for those that want to be winners. Winners that make things happen and not let them happen.

Working from home...

There is nothing like waking up, getting up from your bed, and walk straight to your office in the next room. No traffic to beat, no running around and hoping to make it to work on time. This is just a great feeling. Of course, working from home requires strong work ethics. People might say this is going to be hard. NOT REALLY! Think about it... if we are already programmed to wake up in the morning, drive to work, put your 110% at your job, why not do it for yourself? Make the boss in you proud. There is no better feeling in the world when you say to yourself I'm taking a day off rather than to say may I have the day off Sir please?

Network marketing has made many people successful . Why not let it be you? If you rather keep your j.o.b. (Just Over Broke) and continue that family chain, good luck to you. BUT if you decide it's time for a change, I will see you at the top because in the bottom its too crowded.